Map Annotations

Map annotations come in handy to make notes of any important details during your aerial mission. The pilot can add brief points to be inspected later or to convey details for pilots who may conduct these missions in the future.

  • You can begin by selecting a mission and clicking on Start mission. Confirm the pre-flight checks and execute your mission.

  • Select the Annotation icon๐Ÿ“ to start dropping notes at various points in the mission.

Map Annotation Icon
  • Click on the location point where you would like to add an observational note. Once your keyboard emerges on the screen, make note of your observation during the course of the flight.

Adding Map Annotations during the mission

๐Ÿ”Ž Reviewing the Pilot's Annotated Messages

  • Open FlytNow Console and select the Drone used while creating the Map Annotation.

  • Go to the Logs section and select the latest log. Click on Annotations to review the annotations.

Note: All the annotations can be reviewed at once after the flight operations conclude or the mission is complete.

  • To see annotations during live flight operations, you can switch between logs and mission options to fetch these latest annotations.

Reviewing the Map Annotations

โ€‹๐Ÿ‘ฎโ™€Map Annotations are particularly useful for Security Patrolling and Surveillance.