Setup FlytNow Dashboard

Create a FlytNow account

If you do not already have a FlytNow account, you can create one here:

Create a FlytNow account and avail the FlytNow Pro 7-day free trial.

Login to FlytNow

Connecting your drone

Once you log in to your Dashboard, you will be prompted to connect your drone to the cloud. You can establish this connection in two ways and those are described in the section:

Once you finish the initial setup, you can do a lot from your FlytNow Dashboard like:

  • Adding multiple drones

  • Creating and executing missions

  • Conducting unlimited flights

  • Controlling your drone and gimbal remotely

  • Viewing live HD video feed

  • Sharing the video feed with your team and stakeholders

  • Creating a pre-flight checklist

  • Creating a circular geofence