Navigation & Gimbal Control

You can control your drones and their gimbal remotely using the FlytNow Dashboard.

  • Once your drone is launched (either manual or mission mode), the following joypad appears on the FlytNow Dashboard. Use the arrows to control the drone.

Joypad on FlytNow Dashboard

🧐 The arrows on the joypad follow the standard notation of Yaw, Throttle, Pitch and Roll like any remote controller of the drone.

  • You can see the current speed of the drone on the right-side column.

  • Use the ➕ icon to increase the speed and ➖ icon to reduce the speed.

Gimbal Control

  • The gimbal of the drone can be controlled using the slider in the Live Video section of the Dashboard.

Slider to control Gimbal movement
  • You can use the arrows at each end of the slider to move the Gimbal up and down. Also, you can slide the blue icon 🔵 to move the gimbal in the respective direction.

Using arrows to control the Gimbal
Sliding 🔵 to control the gimbal
  • Click on the R icon to reset the angle on the Gimbal.

Click R to reset the Gimbal