Navigation & Gimbal Control

You can control your drones and their gimbal remotely using the FlytNow Dashboard.

  • Once your drone is launched (either manual or mission mode), the following joypad appears on the FlytNow Dashboard. Use the arrows to control the drone.

Joypad on FlytNow Dashboard

🧐 The arrows on the joypad follow the standard notation of Yaw, Throttle, Pitch and Roll like any remote controller of the drone.

  • You can see the current speed of the drone on the right-side column.

  • Use the ➕ icon to increase the speed and ➖ icon to reduce the speed.

Switching Controls

You can either control your drones using the RC or remotely via the FlytNow Dashboard. It is important to understand how you can switch controls between either.

When the Remote Ctrl icon is toggled on the remote operator can control the drone remotely from the FlytNow Web dashboard.

Remote Ctrl toggled on (Remote operator has control)

The pilot can toggle the Remote Ctrl icon off to regain control of the drone from the RC.

Remote Ctrl toggled off (Pilot has manual control)

Tips: Ensure that the RC is in P-Mode, to allow FlytNow Dashboard to execute the control commands.

Warning: The remote operator cannot take control of the drone when the RC is in S-mode even if the Remote Ctrl icon is toggled ON. Switch to P-mode to enable control from FlytNow Dashboard.

Gimbal Control

  • The gimbal of the drone can be controlled using the slider in the Live Video section of the Dashboard.

Slider to control Gimbal movement
  • You can use the arrows at each end of the slider to move the Gimbal up and down. Also, you can slide the blue icon 🔵 to move the gimbal in the respective direction.

Using arrows to control the Gimbal
Sliding 🔵 to control the gimbal
  • Click on the R icon to reset the angle on the Gimbal.

Click R to reset the Gimbal