Fleet Management

Now that your FlytNow Dashboard is set up and your drone is connected to the FlytOS Mobile App (or FlytOS SBC Integration Module), you’ll want to add a drone to the Dashboard.

This section will assist you to add your drone to the FlytNow Dashboard. Subsequently, you can add multiple drones and this Dashboard will help you manage them effortlessly. You can view the live telemetry and the video feed. Also, you can control the drone remotely and execute missions.

Adding drones to FlytNow Dashboard

You can add drones to the Dashboard from the Fly tab on the Dashboard. Clicking on the Add Drone button will open the following dialog.

Importing your drones after registering on the FlytOS Mobile

If you are using the FlytOS Mobile with the FlytNow Dashboard, you will have to register your drone on the FlytOS Mobile app. ( Refer FlytOS Mobile )

Once your drone is registered, it will be automatically listed in the Import tab of the Add Drone dialog.

If your drone is not listed, you will need to add your drone manually to the FlytNow Dashboard.

Manually adding your drones

To manually add your drone, you will require the Vehicle ID of the drone and your Personal Access Token.

Vehicle ID

Personal Access Token

  • To activate your Personal Access Token, you have to enable the Cloud trial in your FlytBase account here.

  • Once your trial is enabled, go to the Developer Settings tab in your FlytBase account and copy your Personal Access Token. (Quick-link: my.flytbase.com/developer/token/)

In the Manual tab of the Add Drone dialog, enter any desired name for your drone. Use the previously obtained Vehicle ID and the Personal Access Token to add your drone to the Dashboard.

Adding your drone manually

Viewing the drone telemetry & vitals

Now that your drone is added, you can view the live telemetry and video feed on the Dashboard. Also, you can control the drone remotely and execute missions.

In the Fly tab, select a drone from the previously added drone list. You will be able to see the live telemetry, connection status and other drone vitals on your screen.

Live telemetry, vitals and video feed on the Dashboard

🕵️‍♂️ Tips: Your drone should have GPS-Lock in order to view the live location on the map.