Live HD Video Feed

Cockpit View in the FlytOS Mobile App
  • Login to your FlytNow account and open your FlytNow Dashboard.

  • When your drones are added, you can see the drone list on the dashboard.

  • Once the drone is turned on and connected to the FlytOS Mobile, the drone status will be online on the Dashboard.

  • Select this drone and its live video can be seen on the top right window of the FlytNow Dashboard user interface.

📱 If you are unable to see the live video, close your app and reopen it. Once connected, click on the Map icon to the top-right corner on the app. This will stream the Live video feed on the Dashboard.

Cockpit View

Click on the video (in the top right section) to get the Cockpit view of the drone operations as shown below.

Cockpit View on FlytNow Dashboard

Note: Make sure you close the FlytOS android app, to stop the video stream.