For FlytOS Mobile App

Supported DJI Drones

  • Mavic Series

    • Mavic 2 Series (Pro, Zoom, Enterprise, Enterprise Dual)

    • Mavic Air

    • Mavic Pro

    • Mavic Mini (Limited functionality)

  • Phantom Series

    • Phantom 4 Series

    • Phantom 3 Series

  • Inspire Series

    • Inspire 2

    • Inspire 1 Pro

    • Inspire 1

  • Matrice Series

    • M200 Series

    • M210 Series

    • M210 V2 Series

    • M300 RTK

    • M600

    • M600 Pro

Note: Refer to this link for brief information on Supported DJI Drones.

Supported Android Devices

All devices that run Android 5.1 and above (up to Android 10.0) are compatible with FlytOS Mobile.

DJI CrystalSky and DJI Smart Controller are supported.

Android is designed to run on many different types of devices, from phones to tablets. While we support devices with the aforementioned specifications, we cannot test on them all. The following hardware has been officially tested and, thus, recommended:

  • Samsung S9+ (Qualcomm Chipset Version)

  • Samsung S9 (Qualcomm Chipset Version)

  • Samsung S8+ (Qualcomm Chipset Version)

  • Samsung Note 9 (Qualcomm Chipset Version)

  • Samsung S10 Series (Qualcomm Chipset Version)

  • Samsung S20 Series (Qualcomm Chipset Version)

  • Samsung Note 8 (Qualcomm Chipset Version)

  • Oneplus 6

  • Oneplus 7T

  • Honor Play

  • Pixel 3

  • Vivo Z1x