Frequently Asked Questions

Drone Connectivity & Control

FlytOS shows ‘Not connected to the drone’ error message

  • When you receive this error message, please close all the android applications from the background, as shown in the gif below.

Close all background running apps
  • Replug USB into the device,

    • If you encounter a popup asking for the user to choose the FlytOS application, please do so.

    • In case, without any popup, some other application automatically starts up, please ‘clear defaults’ of that application as shown here and restart debugging from Step 1

  • Once FlytOS mobile application is started, wait for the message pop-ups ‘DJI Register Success’ followed by ‘DJI Drone Connected’. If you do not get to see these messages in around 10s, please verify if you have a valid internet connection.

  • If your problem still persists, contact us at from the registered email ID, mention your drone’s Model name along with any debug information that you can provide.

How do I take back manual RC control of the drone?

When the drone is being controlled using the FlytNow Dashboard via FlytOS mobile, one may want to take back manual control over the drone. To do this, change the RC mode switch position to the S-mode (or any mode other than ‘P’ or ‘F’ mode). You can get back to ‘P’ mode once have taken control of the drone.

Video Streaming

The video streaming on the FlytNow Dashboard is choppy/jumpy.

FlytNow can stream quality video for decent internet connectivity with speeds of 10Mbps. If your video on your dashboard choppy/jumpy, please notice the FPS right above the video stream on your FlytNow Dashboard. For values above 0.5Mbps, the live video will stream without breaking.

Please contact us if you are still facing trouble with your video.